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Founder and Creative Director

 He has a million ideas a minute. That’s largely why, in his professional life, he has tried various careers such as male au-pair, account manager at large advertising agencies in Warsaw, copywriter at Wrocław Television, and marketer at Arthur Andersen.

There should be 48 hours in a day for Darek to be able to live out all of his passions involving freeriding, climbing, diving and photography.


Founder and Executive Director

He gained his experience working at some of the biggest Polish event agencies, organizing special events for RMF FM, Citroen, BP, Sony, PEPSI, Samsung, Toyota and Hyundai among others.

He is passions include new technologies and motorcycles. Outside work, he’s a sailor, scuba diver, skier and proud father of daughter, Hania.



Project Manager

Decidedly the most ‘put together’ member of our team (which is noticeable at first glance looking at his desk).

He’s a volcano of activity and a great organizer. Everything is always on time and 100% on track.

He devotes his free time to prepping for the Iron Man Triathlon and to climbing at a level that would impress even the likes of Robert Burneika.